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Watch Cut-out


Our customers have given us the following statements



"Fliegeruhr dankend erhalten" – as the Germans would put it.

Thanks for prompt delivery of my new pilots watch (only Google is quicker!)

The first word that comes to mind when you have unpacked the watch, it's good old (also of Germanic origin): GEDIGENT (sterling)

The watch is an aesthetic pleasure; buttons pleasant to touch. Functionality is tested ... and everythings works as a charm.

My initial verdict: If you like piloture á la IWC, Fortis or SINN - you should do yourself a favor and visit www.pilotur.dk

Here you will find pilot watches at prices that stay on earth ...


I have now received my new watch. It's very nice with great details, I am very satisfied and pleased with my purchase 

The watch definitely lives up to my expectations. It is designed as a "Fliegeruhr" must be. Super fast to read and the buttons have the right "feeling ".

The watch is really neat. It has the IWC look, but it is not exaggerated. The fluorescent at the hands and the dial is applied really nice. There could even Girad Perregaux learn something ... The crown is comfortable to use and rests razor sharp in its different positions. It's nice to feel so clear what you are doing when operating the crown - here IWC could learn something ...

Thanks for the watch - it's super nice, impressive quality for the money and right in my taste.
Materials and finish are on par with or surpasses more expensive watches I have owned. Accuracy of hands to dial is perfect, something which is definitely not always the case, nor in much more expensive watches. Layout of the dial and hands makes reading easy (on some watches there is so much squiggle that it is not easy to read the time at a glance!)

Unfortunately, the price of the watch has little "snob effect, " but then we can laugh being smarter that the rest in return.

Fully satisfied with the watch. I am very happy with it. It is the first time I got a new watch (have as few) where I keep looking at it like a little boy who just got a new toy. ... great, great feeling and happines.

Whatever you need a watch for then pilotur.dk can be really recommended both in relation to product quality and company service.