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Watch Cut-out


Statement from Squadron Commander Martin Ole Thorup (ESK 723 - previous SHT)

November 2009



Which artefact signals the best ”flying as a metier”, can be custom designed and at the same time having a real value?

  • Cool sun glasses? What if the sun does not shine?
  • An exclusive pilots jacket - with room for lots of great badges? Not if it's 35 degrees in the shade!
  • A mobile phone with GPS? Not easy to influence the design and generally runs out of power when you least expect it!
  • A pen set? ”Yes, that's exactly what will signal that you are on the beat! Look at the calendar – it says 2009!!” (Unqoute)

Hey! How about a wrist watch? Isn't it too expensive? Wouldn't it be just some cheap Chineese junk?


Fairly such sounded the brain storm as the squadron was looking for a product that pilots and staff would buy, use and show to others demonstrating team spirit and pride - belonging to the most professional squadron in Denmark - flying helicopters to and from smal ships in all weathers (It should be emphasized that the project was 100% employee-driven and in no way dictated or governed by the armed forces).


A coincidence, sheer luck, providence, fate??? The first company we came in contact with was pilotur.dk. In only a short time all our reservations were proved wrong;

  • It is possible to create a stunning custom design.
  • It is possible to make a smaller and limited series. No requirements of ordering 1,000+ units.
  • This is a quality product.
  • There are no problems with warranty even though the watches are made as a custom design

And at pilotur.dk there is not far from idea and concept to action!


After a few e-mails and telephone conversations a number of drafts were presented, which actually all were "ready to use". After some further sparring about details, pricing etc., etc. the project was launched.


All agreed deadlines/milestones have been met to the letter. The result is a watch-design which we all are extremely satisfied with. More than half of the current staff has bought the watch and are very satisfied with the product. Similarly, a large number of former employees has also bought the watch and are equally satisfied and proud of wearing it.


The values our staff association has learned by dealing with pilotur.dk are:

  • Competent
  • Open
  • Credible
  • Responsive to customer needs

This has been the case from the very beginning, from idea to design, from sales to delivery and now also for the post-sales support. In short, serious and professional handling at all stages.


Whatever you need a watch for, then we can only recommend pilotur.dk both when it comes to the quality of their watches and the service they offer.


Martin Ole Thorup

Squadron Commander. Initiator of the watch project – and an ordinary member of the SHT staff association.


Again it should be emphasized that the project is 100% employee-driven and in no way dictated or governed by the armed forces.

This is thus only a single personal recommendation given by an unelected spokesman on behalf of the Royal Naval Air Squadrons Staff Association.