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Watch Cut-out


Custom made watches


A wrist watch is more than just a tool to see what time it is. The wrist watch is a jewelry and a signal of the person wearing it.

Having a high 
signal value has made the wrist watch popular for branding purposes by companies and associations.

The wrist watch can highlight the person's style and attitudes, and the wrist watch is today more popular than ever, even though we are surrounded by watches everywhere.

pilotur.dk shall be happy to assist you in develloping a custom made watch for your company or association.

We can build on an existing model, where it is possible to customize the clock face and back of the watch, or we can develop a new watch from scratch.

So far it has been reserved for the few that have designed their own special watch. With pilotur.dk this has now changed!

Call us for a chat on +45 4072 1985 if you have any plans making your own watch



Below you can read about some of our custom made watch projects:


 Case Drawing