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Watch Cut-out


Statement from SAR Squadron ESK 722 Steen Tidmand

March 2011



After seeing the fine product that came out of the collaboration between the employees from the Royal Danish Naval Squadron and pilotur.dk, there was no doubt that the employees from the ESK 722 SAR Squadron should go the same way in the development of a squadron watch.


It has from the very start of the project been a pleasure to spar with Soren Braes in the process of designing the watch. A watch that we today are both pleased and proud to wear.


Creating this watch was my initiative and I had from the outset a pretty clear idea of what should be on the face of the watch. How the watch went from  concept to realization was a pleasant operation. The first step was to find a suitable design of the watch. There was no obvious "off the shelf watch" by pilotur.dk we could use. But one of the classic models from the selection could easily be reconfigured, so that our requirements concerning water resistance, sapphire glass and brushed steel look were met.


This meant that within a short time we had made ​​a "prototype watch". Very few changes have been made in the final design. This is solely due to Soren Braes from pilotur.dk who is never content with "good enough". Soren is a very creative person with a destinct eye for details.


The administrative side of things - economy and contract - has equally been a pleasure. Clear lines and agreements mean that it has been easy to deal with pilotur.dk.


This underlies our great satisfaction with this watch, which we have made in 100 copies.


As mentioned earlier, we have got a unique watch. A beautiful watch, with great details and in a very high quality.

The employees of the 722 Squadron and I, myself, strongly recommend pilotur.dk, whether you're thinking of buying a single watch or if you comtemplete making your own custom watch like we did.


Steen Tidmand