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North of Denmark is our own watch series.

We design everything ourselves including watch case, dial, hands and layout of back plate. All watches are equipped with sapphire glass and a water resistancy of 100 meters.

The design criterias for all our watches are that they must be functional, elegant and very robust.

The watches have been designed in cooperation with the Royal Airforces in Denmark and England. 

Further input to the design process has been given by famous explorers and adventurers such as Felicity Aston and Ripley Davenport, UK.

Each watch is numbered individually and each model is only made in 200 pieces to ensure that the watches over time will become collectors items.

We have designed a number of special watches for clients all over the World, including:

  • The Royal Danish Naval Air Squadron
  • The Royal Danish Airforce SAR (Search and Rescue) Squadron 
  • The Danish Home Guard Intelligence Unit
  • The Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition
  • The Mongolia2010 expedition 
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Below you see a list of the North of Denmark watches:







The NOD SubZero GMT has become
an international collecters item after
being at the Southpole